Only through experience in the field can someone develop the breadth of knowledge necessary to be considered an expert in the field.  Malcolm Gladwell's “10,000 Hour Rule” is the current corollary of this statement.  For George, a decade of traveling North America and hosting events in dozens and dozens of cities has provided him with the experiences from which his expertise is derived.  Now the most prolific event producer in the industry, George and his team organize more than 75 events each year, covering 5 countries.

It should also be acknowledged that George brings with him a mental rolodex of other professionals, each with their own expertise, upon which he may call.  While their common bond may often be assumed, their professional skills become a valuable resource for George with each project he participates.

ALT Playground

APG, or, is a regional lifestyle website, focused on the mid-Atlantic states.  Founded over 15 years ago, its original owner choose to keep the site as private as possible, so as not to lose clients by being “too public”.    However, over the years social morays have become ever more liberal, and being so low-profile is no longer advantageous.  With new owners coming onboard two years ago, the desire to redefine the brand and increase the revenue became the focus.

With George’s guidance, the site is taking on a broader platform and expanding its offerings from just dating, to more of a community portal.  Similar to a local newspaper, APG is acknowledging is regional scope and embracing its local community by working to increase the information and opportunities available to its members and make more local connections.

Luxury Lifestyle Charters

Amazon, Uber, VRBO and similar platforms have disrupted their industries by creating a concise, unbiased platform from which much of the population now conducts business due to their efficiencies.  Arguably, one of the last, travel-related industries to succumb to this sort of unbiased automation is that of  yachting, or crewed private charters.  While not positioned to upset the entire industry, Luxury Lifestyle Charters is about transparency and quality. It is specifically focused on creating a pipeline for those who wish to take their sexuality on vacation without judgment, albeit straight, gay, poly, bi, or open lifestyle. 

George’s role has been in identifying the inequities and provincial biases of many of the industries charter brokers, and to aid in the development of a new platform that is less passive in its marketings thereby providing create revenue opportunities for the yacht owners, while being more responsive to the needs of this market segment.  The founders of Luxury Lifestyle Charter bring a tremendous amount of charter experience and integrity to the table, and look at this market as one with significant depth which they can better serve.

Mass Pleasures LA

Mass Pleasures LA began as a franchised lifestyle party, hosted in private homes in the Hollywood Hills.  Over the course of time, ownership of the event changed hands several times, and in doing so lost market share as leadership and consistency of product changed.  In June 2018, George was invited to attend and quickly determined that the party could do a better job of vetting its guests, communicating with the attendees, and reasserting its identity.

After attending several events over the course of six months, George submitted his recommendations that the amenities associated with the parties be upgraded, prospective guests endure a more stringent and better defined vetting process, and that they pursue a younger audience and adopt the precept “40 couples under 40” in order to better define their audience and differentiate themselves from the other offerings in the market.

Sexy Mofo NYC


SexxyMofo struggled from mixed messaging.  At its inception the founders were hosting their own lifestyle parties, and regularly working with the established dating websites, like 

However, as time went on the founders saw an opportunity to establish themselves anew as a local dating website.  Over the next decade, SexxyMofo did both, and benefited financially from hosting their own parties, while simultaneously finding themselves at odds with the local club and party hosts who they asked to participate on their dating website.   Under new ownership, the question of how to quell this dissatisfaction among the local business owners, and expand the website’s once thieving membership base, needed to be addressed.

For George, the issues created by a confusing message were clear.  Beginning with the spelling of their name, why two X’s?  Why not one, or three?  What was their target audience? Market? Greatest revenue stream?  Based on his experience as an event host in New York, George recommended that the site be rebranded, so as to better identify its target audience and that it remove itself from hosting events which would compete with its customers.  Finally, that the site be completely rewritten to embrace mobile responsive design, and to launch a new native app on the iTunes and Android platforms.