Organizational psychology – a somewhat new branch of psychology. The status of an independent scientific discipline, she has been gaining in the end of 1960-70-ies. mostly inside the US and Western Europe. At that time, there were the first fundamental leadership and organizational psychology textbooks. In 1970, inside the framework with the American Psychological Association (APA) was made division “Industrial and organizational psychology” on the basis of pre-existing sections from the psychology of business and industrial psychology.

Party Érotique was created as a joint venture between George and  The event was envisioned by George as a "safe" gateway event, open to the general public, for those interested in the lifestyle.  Part of the event's success was the choice of location.  The House of Blues provided a public venue with which most Dallas residents would be familiar.  The House of Blues Dallas also maintained a large stage, high-end sound system, and the necessary infrastructure from which to launch the fetish-inspired masquerade.

Featuring a trio of live musicians, including D:Fuse a top EDM DJ, the five-hour event showcased a variety of local and national burlesque performers, go go dancers, and fetish acts.  Following its debut at the House of Blues Dallas, Live Nation management contacted George and inquired as to the possibility of a national tour.

In 2011, with new props, a larger cast, and Dawn Drake serving as musical director, Party Érotique began touring the House of Blues and Live Nation venues from San Diego to Atlantic City.  The tour concluded one year later, where it all began, back in Dallas, Texas.


Before launching the event, George and his team crafted a concept video for their partners, sponsors and the House of Blues management.

Debut Event

Following the first performance, a second video was crafted using still photos and video shot at the House of Blues Dallas that first night.

While the excitement and critical acclaim of the event was unparalleled, the multi-city schedule ultimately exhausted the cast and production crew.  When asked to renew the contract for a second tour George declined, and wrapped up what had been and exhilarating experience for all involved.