Resort Development

Floating Resort

One of the most unique hospitality products to come along in a decade, the yet unnamed floating resort is currently under review by several members of The-Group.  The project would feature a forty room, full service hotel with restaurant, casino, and glass-walled pool.

The vessel would be built in the United States in order to comply with the Jones Act and would have access to all U.S. ports.  During the winter months the ship would move to the Caribbean, returning to the United States each spring.



Seduction Resort

Currently holding a land trust just north of Puerto Vallarta, Seduction Resort has designed a purpose-built, clothing optional, lifestyle resort.  Designed by a cooperative of experienced lifestyle travelers, the goal is to profit by taking advantage of the limited resort offerings currently serving this market.  Currently, the lifestyle traveler has a very limited number of resorts and hotels to select from, and at best their offerings may be considered 4-star.

Seduction Resorts has quantified the opportunity presented by building a true, 5-star, luxury resort on the west coast of Mexico.  The oceanfront location, just outside Puerto Vallarta, provides for 37 daily direct flights, and shorter travel times for those traveling from anywhere west of Chicago.

In December 2018, George was invited to join the Board of Directors, and participate in the development as a founding investor.  It was during this meeting that George proposed a direct-to-market investor strategy, based on a methodology successfully employed by another member of The-Group at other Caribbean resorts.